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Neil’s Favorite Goodies for Relaxing

Items that help you stay cozy and comfy

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Your Spring Skin Care Guide

Go-to tips from one of Hollywood's hottest grooming experts

Cookbooks That Should Be in Every Kitchen

Learn from the best in the culinary biz

Neil’s Favorite Wines

Recommendations for any dish and any taste

Style Favorites

Hims Thrill Ride Prostate Massager; Sense The Intimate Bundle; Foria Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD

Health & Wellness

The Wondercade Sex Toy Guide!

Cue "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye

Woman wearing red plaid Outerknown Blanket Shirt
Outerknown Blanket Shirt


Started by the surfer Kelly Slater, Outerknown specializes in relaxed items that are outrageously comfortable and equally stylish, but in a surfer-appropriate way that makes you look like you don’t care if anyone so much as takes a look in your direction. (They will, though.)

Man wearing field tan Huckberry Waxed Trucker Jacket
Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket


Tough on the outside but soft on the inside, this jacket is made of the same cloth as sails on sailboats (so it’s super resistant to wet, wild weather), and it’s lined with blanket-like flannel (so it feels like being wrapped in a Snuggie). Perfect for picking apples, or channeling your Last of Us fave.

Don't forget to use code hbwonder10 for 10% off at Huckberry through April.

White Sam Edelman Strappy Kia Block Heel Sandal
Kia Block Heel Sandal


We swear by Sam Edelman, whose shoes are affordable, comfortable and available in a huge range of colors. The brand’s Kia Block Heel sandals tick all those boxes and then some. Go with a more neutral shade, but if you’d prefer the Roccia Mamba Snake pattern, we’re certainly not going to stand in your way.

Sam Edelman
Man wearing stone colored Wolf & Shepherd Monaco Loafercrossing one foot over the other
Wolf & Shepherd Monaco Loafer


Loafers are having a moment right now, and it’s not hard to understand why: they’re as versatile as a pair of shoes can be, perfectly at home with nearly any outfit. They’ll get you through the warm weather brilliantly, and they’ll come in handy (footsy?) come fall, too.

Wolf & Shepherd

Home & Garden

The Ultimate Kitchen Upgrades

Food & Drink

The Ultimate Kitchen Upgrades

Your kitchen isn't complete with these gadgets and goodies

Neil’s Favorite Gardening Products

Home Decor

Neil’s Favorite Gardening Products

Turn that thumb green with these gardening picks

W&P Clear Ice Mold
W&P Clear Ice Mold


There are dozens of ice molds, makers and presses out there. This one from W&P is perhaps the most phenomenal (and economical), producing a giant, crystal-clear cube fit for any cocktail. Maybe the coolest thing you can buy for your home bar.

Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser


Treating yourself for a spa day isn’t just about the physical relaxation. It’s about all kinds of relaxation. Get yourself a solid oil diffuser to encase yourself in olfactory delight. (Also, isn’t there just something so zen about watching the steam shoot out into the air like that? It’s like a mini geyser of tranquility in your own home.)

AeroGarden Harvest Elite
AeroGarden Harvest Elite


If your home is in a city, where light is often scarce — or if you’re someone who loves gadgets and gizmos — you’ll be wowed by this all-in-one, high-tech growing pod. The hydroponic planter and LED light supercharge your herbs and plants (the company boasts that their technology is 5 times faster than good ol’ soil and sun) and it’s handsome enough to sit out anywhere in your home.

Don't forget to use code WONDER10 for an additional 10% off!

Atelier Saucier Marfa Stripe Napkin Set on a pink background
Atelier Saucier Marfa Stripe Napkin Set

$32 - $84

A dinner party means being prepared. Like having napkins guests can use to delicately dab their mouths…that are not made of paper. (Keep that roll of Bounty in the kitchen, please.) This boldly colored set of 17-by-17-inch luxe fabric napkins are great. If you go gaga for gingham, this set is pretty gorgeous, too.



Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) connecting to an iPhone
Anker 622 magnetic battery


Anker's iPhone 12/13 wireless power bank is magnetic — both literally and stylistically, as the MagSafe charger comes in colors like Lilac Purple and Buds Green. Plus, it features a built-in, foldable kickstand so you can keep your phone at eye level while you're charging up. This is the best in-the-home or -office charger I’ve ever used.

Three CASETiFY Custom Phone Cases with NPH in black, black and red, and red orange and yellow gradient
CASETiFY Custom Phone Case

$40 - $70

If you want a phone case that you can call your own, these bad boys are fully customizable, offering plenty of color, type and layout options — and they'll help your phone survive a drop of nearly ten feet. Bonus: They are partially made from other upcycled phone cases.

Master & Dynamic MW08 headphones on a white backgrounf
Master & Dynamic MW08


It's hard to find earbuds that offer aesthetic appeal, excellent noise cancellation (or hybrid noise cancellation if you need to let in some of the outside world), a long battery life, and also work well when you do need to take a call. M&D's ceramic and stainless steel buds offer all of the above … in multiple styles.

Master & Dynamic
OtterBox USB-C Fast Charge Dual Port Wall Charger on a white background
OtterBox USB-C Fast Charge Dual Port Wall Charger


Prefer (or need) an actual plug to charge up your device? Or maybe you just want to get up to working speed really, really quickly? This modest-sized but rugged-as-hell dual-port charger (with a folding plug) can take your phone from dead to 60% in 30 minutes.


Health & Fitness

Theragun Pro

$199 - $599

If you don’t have a boo or bestie to tackle your problem spots, do knot fear. Try the Theragun: It comes in all shapes and sizes, and doesn’t sound like a jet taking off like other personal massagers, which can be quite loud. Or connect the device to an accompanying app that comes with tons of pre-loaded routines.

The TRX Home2 Suspension Trainer™ full gym experience laid out on a white background
TRX Home2 System


Short for Total Resistance eXercise, this at-home suspension trainer comes in handy when you paradoxically don’t have the strength to get to the gym. A full-body workout that targets muscles both large and small, and a setup that packs away when it’s not in use.

TRX Training
Headspace Meditation App


Meditation apps have exploded in popularity over the past few years — a rare case of our phones being utilized for meaningful, healthy activity (in addition to Wondercade, of course). Of all the options, Headspace, with its huge archive of meditations for folks at all levels — beginner to Zen Master — is the best.

Man using Tonal next to a desk and painting in a room with a concrete floor


This thing is great. It revolutionizes workouts with its wide selection of programs, live classes and the brilliant computer that knows when to increase and decrease resistance.



Calpak Luka Duffel in chocolate on a white background with a tied bundle coming out of the side
Calpak Luka Duffel


Super lightweight, and with nine(!) pockets, Calpak’s Luka Duffle is a perfectly-sized bag for a jaunt of the weekend variety. It’s also got a shoe compartment to keep your kicks separate, and a water bottle pocket, making it great option for the gym, too.

Four Tan Monos Compressible Packing Cubes on a white background
Monos Compressible Packing Cubes


If you’re a Tetris fan, you’re probably a visual-spatial virtuoso. Use travel cubes like this to channel that flair for fitting forms just-so into packing for a trip. (Up to you if you want to listen to 8-bit Russian music while doing so.)

Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus on beige background
Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus


The Aviator Carry-On Plus from Paravel is a great brand for its commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality, but also because…look at it! It’s extremely handsome, in a way that’s understated but will still help it stand out at the baggage claim. 

Black with a blue stripe Ostrichpillow Bamboo Compression Socks on a white background
Ostrichpillow Bamboo Compression Socks


Are you familiar with compression socks? They sound astronaut-esque. And they are made for high altitudes — just ones not as high as full-on zero-gravity. They fight fatigue and swelling, and boost blood flow in your legs during long-haul flights. Oh, they’re also comfortable AF.



How to drape a scarf
The Right Way to Wear a Scarf

From Our Partner

See? It’s super easy to completely refresh your style sense with just one key piece. Speaking of key items, you almost certainly own one (or more) already. And wear it (them) with regularity: the scarf. The way you wear yours can take you from functional to fab. Meh to marvelous. Warm to wow. (You’re welcome.) So, in search of the be-all, end-all way to rock your scarf, I chatted with Christina Elliott, a London-based stylist at Drake’s, a posh British menswear maker I absolutely adore. She has two methods for you — one a tying, the other a drape. Both of them, she explains, combine practicality (they keep you warm!) and fashion, too (they make you look posh!). Please imagine the below instructions spoken in a brilliant British accent. — NPH

How to tie

Diagram of three step scarf tying process
  1. Fold or roll the scarf along the length. Put over the head so the two lengths are equal.
  2. Cross over and pull the top length under and through the gap left at the top.
  3. Gently pull to tighten the knot. For a firmer knot, repeat step 3 and tighten.

How to Drape

Diagram of three-step process of how to drape a scarf
  1. Place the scarf over the head.
  2. Throw one half of the scarf over the opposite shoulder.
  3. Try mixing up the lengths of each side to show off any embroidery or logos you’d like.

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Cashmere sweaters in yellow and beige, pair of gloves, and a winter hat
A Crash Course in Cashmere

From Our Partner

Hi, Wondercaders. I'm Sam Spector, Neil's stylist, here to share a little fashion advice.

Let me start with a backstory.

One day not too long ago, I had an epiphany that I was finally an adult. It wasn’t about filing my taxes or even getting married (I love you, Glenn!). Rather, it was a decision that from that day hence, all of my sweaters would be cashmere.

Humans have been using cashmere for thousands of years. Derived from the soft hairs of a goat native to the Himalayas, it positively exudes luxury, and can be made into a variety of apparel and accessories. But it can also be … inscrutable. Have you ever wondered whether expensive cashmere is worth splurging on, or whether a heavily discounted price is too good to be true? Allow me to offer some insight.

For a good starter piece, it’s tough to beat a sweater from Uniqlo. The $100 price point might raise some “how can cashmere be so affordable?” eyebrows, but according to the brand’s R&D department, the company sources their cashmere from the same place as some of the more expensive brands. While other factors lead to the quality of a finished piece, it does make you wonder if paying $1,000 (if not more) for a Loro Piana sweater is actually worth it.

My personal opinion about luxury pieces and price tags comes down to a single word: quality. Are you getting something truly special? Is it gorgeous and well crafted? Will it last a long time — both from a durability and wearability factor? Do you love it? If so, then go for it! A few expensive pieces are great if you can afford them, and mixing and matching them with more affordable options to achieve the look you’re going for is the way to go. 

Lastly, let me leave you with a pro tip. When it comes to cleaning your cashmere, despite most labels saying “dry-clean only,” experts insist that it’s best to hand wash. In a clean sink, use lukewarm water and a gentle detergent, and turn your pieces inside out as you gently wash. Then lie flat on a towel to dry. I know this sounds a bit intimidating … I feel a little shock of terror every time I submerge my garments into the kitchen sink, but the method works, and all of my cashmere pieces — some more than 10 years old — look and feel great. 

Here are a few of my favorite (cashmere) things.

Uniqlo Cashmere Knitted Beanie | $29.90
There is nothing worse than an itchy hat on a day that you absolutely need to wear one.

Wills Cashmere Socks | $49
Is $50 is expensive for a pair of socks? Obviously. But it’s more than reasonable for an unexpected, luxe gift for anyone on your shopping list (including yourself).

Neiman Marcus Cashmere Sweater | $225 ($100 off!)
With its dense — and thus, warm — weave, this is a great buy.

Ami Paris Recycled Cashmere Rollneck Sweater | $645
Ami is a hot brand of the moment and the turtleneck is back, so it’s natural to marry the two into a luxe cashmere garment.

Casheme pillow, throw blanket, pants, and eye mask

The Elder Statesman Tie-Dyed Cashmere Throw Pillow | $995
I love everything from The Elder Statesman. Their sweaters are luxurious and extraordinarily soft — resting your head on this pillow would be like sleeping on a cloud.

Naadam Cashmere Sweatpants | $195
Who wouldn’t want to lounge around the home or enjoy a long-haul flight in a cashmere sweatpant?

Morgan Lane Sleepy Lids Cashmere Mask Set | $198
For the ladies or the gents, why not have some fun with your cashmere?

Brunello Cucinelli Double Cashmere Throw | $1,595
As I noted earlier, my approach on splurge items is simple: Spend your hard-earned money on pieces that you use frequently and last a lifetime. I bought this throw years ago and it remains one of my favorite purchases ever! It’s so soft and so comfortable and so worth it.

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Two Recipes for Hot Chocolate Cocktails
Two Recipes for Hot Chocolate Cocktails

From Our Partner

If you’re wondering whether you can add a little booze to your hot chocolate, we’re here to assure you that A) yes, you can, and B) you should consider mezcal.

“We’ve tried our hot chocolate with different spirits like rum, brandy, tequila and bourbon, and mezcal came on top every time,” says Tarek Debira, owner of Brooklyn cocktail den Bohemian Bar. “Mezcal’s smokiness works great with chocolate, and the texture, spices and earthiness complement each other.”

The other secret ingredient is Madeira, a fortified wine. “That brings a layer of complexity and flavors, like caramel, hazelnut, orange peel and burnt sugar,” Debira says. 

If you want a spirit-free version, the base of Bohemian’s Dulce Besos drink works equally well on its own, or with N/A Ritual Tequila Alternative subbed in for the hooch. Debira uses a 70% cacao Belgian chocolate that he melts in house, as well as 100% cacao powder to add body. Then he spices it with cinnamon sticks and cayenne pepper.

The Dulce Besos cocktail on a table next to a plant
The Dulce Besos

And if you want to take things a step further in the experimental direction, Tim Wiggins of St. Louis’s highly acclaimed Lazy Tiger has a flip take on Mexican Hot Chocolate that utilizes the lesser-known agave spirit raicilla.

“I think agave spirits work so well with hot chocolate because of their earthy, ‘green’ herbaceous quality,” he tells us. “The bitter and sweetness of the chocolate pairs beautifully with the floral and citrus tones of agave, especially raicilla.”

Interestingly, Wiggins’s Whisper Cup cocktail also eliminates the chocolate (and the hot!). “We use vermouth, bitters and protein from a whole egg to mimic chocolate without actually using any chocolate in the cocktail,” he says. “It's sort of like making an Espresso Martini without coffee, but it's wild how well it works. The Angostura Vallet provides the bitter sweetness that mimics the chocolate while the vermouth adds the milky softness.”

Cocktail in a mug shaped like a gingerbread man cookie
The Whisper Cup

While this drink definitely doesn’t work in a spirit-free version, Wiggins has a quick hack to jazz up any mug of cocoa. “Use a whole egg shaken into the hot chocolate — it’s a really cool way to add mad texture and depth to a non-alcoholic hot chocolate cocktail.”

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David Burtka holding a basket of produce, wearing a blue and white striped shirt and sunglasses, smiling
How to Be a Great Guest

From Our Partner

Hi, it's David, subbing in for my husband. Let me pose a question: Is there anything more generous than an invite to someone’s home?

The question is rhetorical, but if you need closure on that query, the answer is no.

Whether you’ve been asked over to someone's house for a meal, a party or a weekend stay, they’ve extended the warmest of offers. You, in turn, can repay their kindness — and set yourself up for a great visit (and the prospect of future visits!) — by being a conscientious, generous guest. 

Today, I’m going to tell you how. Where your grandparents might’ve told you to mind your Ps and Qs, I’m suggesting you embrace the Ps and Ps: presents and presence.


Nearly everyone has given or received flowers or candles as a host gift. Are they overdone? A little. And with good reason: they’re lovely! But with just a bit of thought, you can really elevate them to something special.

Before buying a candle for someone, think about that someone. Do they wear a fragrance? If so, they clearly love that scent; see if you can find a candle to match it. Do they live by the beach? Get a beach-scented candle! In a rustic cabin? Gift them a pine-scented candle. Did they honeymoon on the Cote d’Azur? A lavender-scented candle will remind them of their amazing trip. As for flowers, go the extra mile by bringing them in a vase. Flowers delivered in paper or cellophane wrapping require work — the recipient has to get a vase, cut the stems and leaves, fill said vase and put it out. And they have to do it immediately, lest the flowers start to wilt. A present should be a treat, not work.

If you really want to wow your host, consider more personable presents. If they’ve invited you over, they like you. So share a bit of you.

I’m a trained chef, so I’ll bring a homemade jam or dessert. My husband is a magician. Before we visit someone, he’ll work on a magic trick to perform for everyone. What’s your special skill? Can you strum out a song on a guitar? Offer to entertain the crowd. Are you a painter? An original piece of art is a great gift. But if your talent is limited to playing the spoons — an underrated musical skill, but still!  — then just be extra thoughtful. From July through September I’ll bring friends a giant basket of vegetables and fruits from our garden. Don’t have a garden? Go to a farmer’s market and then pretend that you do. You could also buy a picture frame, print out a snapshot of you and the hosts from years ago, and meld the two together. Everyone loves a memory and seeing themselves in their younger, hotter days. Why not bring some pastries and a beautiful loaf of bread from a local bakery that you can all share? Or ooh, try this: put together something seasonal: fill a kid’s toy sand bucket with sunscreen, a couple of trashy beach-read books and ingredients for a cocktail. Bonus points if you show everyone how to make that cocktail! Which I often do, since I happen to know amazing bartender Jonathan Lind (who is super handsome, by the way, buuuut not as dreamy as my husband Neil who is standing over my shoulder while I write this, heh heh, awkward).

If your hosts have kids, always, always bring toys. Not only is it a nice gesture to include all of your hosts — even the little ones — but the kids will love you. Especially if you spend some time helping them set up or learning and playing the game with them. It goes a long way. “David gave me that awesome Lego set, he should totally be in the will!” Bonus: If the game occupies them for a while, and allows their parents to relax, all the better.


This is where great guests are made. Participate! Pitch in! Share in the work — and joys — of a meal or weekend together. 

Picking up after yourself (and your family — especially if your husband leaves his things everywhere, all the time)? Obvious. What’s less obvious, is to what extent. A couple of years ago I proudly did all the dishes at a friend’s house, and then watched them empty and reload the dishwasher. I point this out not to mock anyone, but to illustrate that people have systems. Comfort levels. Hey, it’s their place — their rules! Inquire about them and respect them.

For example: As a chef, the kitchen is not only where I work, it’s my happy place. When I have friends over and they volunteer to help me cook, I’m super appreciative. And while I do like to keep core tasks like sauteing, grilling, etc. for myself — I know how I like things done in the cooking department  — I’m crazy grateful when guests ask to help out with things like peeling veggies, chopping herbs, making drinks, setting the table, drying dishes…I’m not comfortable asking for help, but absolutely LOVE receiving it..!

Finally, one last set of tips for those lucky enough to score an extended invitation — a long weekend or holiday visit. Do all the little things you might not even do in your own home. Make your bed every morning. Don’t leave your dirty clothes on the bedroom floor, put them in a closet or your travel bag. Wipe down bathroom sinks. Re-fold hand towels. Re-arrange chairs. Pick up drinking glasses. Don’t leave iPhones, iPads, chargers and earbuds scattered about. (Okay, that one was written directly for you, Neil. Stop reading over my shoulder!) And this may be the best, most host-appreciated tip of all: On the morning of your last day together, before you’ve even had coffee, take a minute to strip your bed. Gather up the sheets and pillowcases and bring them to the washer/dryer or laundry room. Ask your host if you can run a load. Then clarify that you’re talking about laundry. Yeah I did. Go that extra mile and you’ll be invited back again and again.

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