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Gourmet plated dish of raw salmon with colorful garnish
An hors d’oeuvre this fancy? That doesn’t even require cooking? A summertime miracle, truly.
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A Fresh Fish Dish That’ll Leave You in Pure Bliss

A salmon recipe you'll crave alllllll summer long

John Acosta is the chef of Ristorante Per L'Ora in Los Angeles.

July 1, 2024 4:35 pm

You can’t go wrong with seafood in the summer…especially when it’s as delicious as this. This salmon crudo is light, healthy and just the right amount of fancy, which will wow the lucky souls you feed it to. It comes courtesy of Chef John Acosta of Ristorante Per L’Ora in L.A.

This dish is in honor of my mentor Jeremy Sung, who inspired me to use different citruses to elevate a simple dish. This is a great one for summer! On days you want to escape the heat make this the light, citrusy salmon crudo certified to cool you down. A refreshing citrus ponzu is the perfect antidote to summer’s heat, combining tangy zest with cooling sensations to invigorate your palate and refresh your senses”

Chef Acosta poses for picture in chef jacket and apron
Chef John has a simple salmon crudo you’ll crave
Courtesy of Chef Acosta

Salmon Crudo

Servings: 2


Copy Directions

    1. Mix all ingredients for the grapefruit ponzu and let sit for up to 2 hours (recommended).

    2. Add thinly sliced salmon to a shallow bowl and then top with sliced red onions, watermelon radish, cucumber, fennel and diced Fresno chile.

    3. Add the grapefruit ponzu on top. Garnish with cilantro and salt.

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