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How to Make a Lemon Float in Middair
How to Make a Lemon Float in Middair
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How to Make a Lemon Float in Middair

Magicians Jonathan Bayme and Blake Vogt with a simple dinner table magic trick anyone can do

Jonathan Bayme is the founder and CEO of theory11, a collective of the top magicians on the planet and the world's largest producer of premium playing cards.

April 4, 2023 2:25 am

Greetings! It’s a pleasure to be back with you to serve up a bit of magic. Neil asked me to share a trick that’s sure to add a little wonder(cade) and levity to any dinner table, and I’m very happy to do so. And to take him literally.

So, today, I’m going to teach you a classic: how to make a lemon levitate in midair!

On your command, the lemon comes alive. It will eerily move up and down underneath a napkin. And best of all, it’s super simple to learn, and you can do it with any mealtime object: a piece of fruit, a lemon, a potato…anything that can fit under a cloth dinner napkin. (So, not the entire turkey if you’re doing this at Thanksgiving.)

How does it work, you ask? First off, you curious conjuror, you’ll need 3 sprinkles of pixie dust and 4 tablespoons of holiday cheer. More tangibly, you’ll need…a FORK. Yes, a fork. The magic works by using the fork, secretly hidden underneath the loose fabric of the napkin. Here’s what to do: Stab the lemon or fruit with the fork under the cover of the napkin. Then, use the fork (pinched by the fingertips of your dominant hand) to slowly raise the object under the napkin and move it up and down above the table. (A video tutorial can be viewed here.) Make it look like the lemon or fruit is haunted. Small movements are most deceptive and effective!

At the end, reveal the fork, if you wish. Or don’t, and earn the everlasting respect of your friends and family. Either way, you’ll have successfully tickled a tableful of audience members.

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