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Answer Reveal: Wondercade Whodunit

Find out once and for all who helped heel Natrick Parris launch a new newsletter!

Neil Patrick Harris is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wondercade. In his spare time he also acts — fairly well, too, as his Tony and Emmy Awards can attest.

August 23, 2023 10:49 am


Each of these bottles is of the HOUSE variety, in that the first word of each of them can either be placed before or after the word HOUSE to make a new phrase. Bottles on the top shelf can have their first word put before HOUSE, and bottles on the bottom shelf can have their first word put after HOUSE.

Top Shelf

DOG HOUSE shead Merlot

TREE HOUSE of the Month Zinfandel

PUMP HOUSE and Dump Champagne

WAFFLE HOUSE and Syrup Chardonnay

Bottom Shelf

HOUSE GUEST the Number Pinot Grigio

HOUSE CAT Musket Muscat

HOUSE CALL Que Sirrah Syrah

HOUSE WARMING of the Earth Malbec




CLEAN HOUSE as a Whistle Viognier

HOUSE PAINT the Town Rosé

The correct answer is Paint the Town Rosé.

Fashion Closet

Between the first two outfits, the only thing that changes is the shoes and the pin that Sam gives. This means that the pin must be given out because of the shoes. The black pin indicates that the shoes are white, and the white pin indicates that something else in the outfit is green. In addition, since only one pin was given for each of those outfits, we know that the black and blue pieces didn’t earn a pin, which means nothing in the final outfit is black or blue.

With the third outfit, we know that the blue and black pieces of the outfit cannot earn pins, which means that the two black pins have to go to the green and red pieces, which means that we know that the shirt is red and the shorts are green.

With the last outfit, we know that black can’t be a pin, which means that the red and green pieces have earned the white pins. Because two different green pieces have earned white pins, the final outfit must have two different green items. The only item we don’t know the color of yet is the hat, which means that the hat is green.

We now know that the final outfit is a green hat, a red shirt, green shorts, and white shoes. This is the outfit of Marvin the Martian.




There are 42 different rectangles in the diagram. The answer is FORTY TWO.

Home Theater

This is a bad description of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.

Hydroponic Garden

The first letters of the flowers from the upper-right corner to the lower-left corner spell the name of a store selling gear for outdoor excursions.

This store is REI, which means that we can place three flowers right away.

Both flowers starting with the letter A are in the same column but are not adjacent to each other.

Since neither of the flowers starting with A have already been placed, the only place we can put them is in the center column, since those two spaces aren’t adjacent to each other. We’ll represent those with the letter A for now.

If you replace one letter of a flower in the top row with two other letters and then mix them up, you form the name of another flower in the top row.

This indicates ASTER and ROSE. Since ASTER has to be in the top row, then AMARYLLIS has to be in the bottom row.

All of the flowers ending in the letter S are in the same row or column as the flower starting with the letter S.

This means that IRIS, AMARYLLIS, and NARCISSUS all have to be in the same row or column as SUNFLOWER. SUNFLOWER can’t be in the left column because then it wouldn’t work for AMARYLLIS, so it has to be in the bottom-right corner. This leaves only the middle-right space for NARCISSUS.

The first letters of the flowers in the middle row spell a common English word.

With the remaining two flowers, you can either get GEN or DEN. DEN is a common English word, giving this grid.

The first letters of all of the flowers in reading order spell the missing flower.




The answer is GARDENIAS.


The HARDY BOYS is the longest series.

Dog Play Room

The dog breed is the BASSET HOUND.

The word meaning greatly surprised is ASTOUND.

The answer is BASSET HOUND.


Make the Map

In the Bar section, the story indicates that Harper and Gideon exited the elevators from the right to go to the Bar, allowing us to place that room at the bottom of the map. In addition, Jonathan mentions the noise of the dogs barking next door, although we don’t know which room that is yet.

Next, in the Fashion Closet section, the story indicates that Harper and Gideon went across the Foyer to visit the Fashion Closet, meaning that it is at the top of the map. In addition, Sam mentions that he went next door to Michael, meaning that the Salon is next to the Fashion Closet.

After that, in the Home Theater section, the story indicates that it is next door to the Salon. We still don’t know where the Salon is yet, but we can keep track of that adjacency.

In the Hydroponic Garden section, the story indicates that the afternoon sun is coming through the single window. The only rooms with two windows left are the left-most room and the right-most room. In order to see the afternoon sun, the window must be pointed to the west, which means that the Hydroponic Garden must be in the left-most room. In addition, the picture shows the Library peeking through the right doorway of the Garden, indicating that the Library is the top-left corner of the map.

Now we can place the Salon and Home Theater because the Fashion Closet only has one adjacent room next to it.

Lastly, in the Dog Play Room section of the story, Michael apologizes for the dogs barking because they can smell the Garden. This means that the Dog Play Room is in the bottom left corner, adjacent to both the Garden and the Bar. This lets us place the Kitchen in the only remaining place.

Find the words

Culprit and Motive

The answer CHICKEN AVOCADO PANINI is in the Foyer, showing that David was the culprit. In the same location in the Kitchen, the phrase A CRIME OF PASSION FRUIT can be found.

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