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The Black Friday/Cyber Monday Super Sale!

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday Super Sale!

Amazing deals on a ton of a bunch of my favorite things.

Neil Patrick Harris is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wondercade. In his spare time he also acts — fairly well, too, as his Tony and Emmy Awards can attest.

November 22, 2023 6:51 pm

In the Wondercade universe, you know The Emporium as the dimension of deals; the slate of sales; a conjuring of the coolest stuff. That’s why, in honor of the absolute bonkers bargains to be found this week, The Emporium is taking over this entire article, making it a jillion (roughly) times larger than what you usually see in our weekly newsletter. We’ve divided up all the deals we’ve discovered into 8 categories…think of these as your virtual aisles in this virtual warehouse of actual wonders. 

I’m gonna save you oodles of time and money (oodles?) by culling all the best deals. We’ve got stocking stuffers, we’ve got gadgets, we’ve got books…it’s a little bit of everything. A hodge of holiday podge. A cornucopia of click-to-pay. I do hope you find this virtual window shopping informative, productive and thumb-inducing. Enjoy — and don’t forget to buy yourself something nice, too.

Products on black background
1. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700, 2. Ember Mug 2, 3. Rotate Watches Build Your Own Watch Movement Kit, 4. UE Boom 3 Speaker
Bose, Ember, Huckberry, Best Buy

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700

These headphones, with 11 levels of noise cancellation, are the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Have a kid? I’m so sorry. But fear not! They’ll love tuning you out as they play their tunes. (And you’ll love not hearing their tunes; my twins seem to have gone straight from playing Frozen on repeat to exclusively Olivia Rodrigo. Let It Go! Please, that’s All I Want…!) Need something tech-friendly for your parents? These Bose ‘phones are dead simple to use. And finally, if you’re looking for something for yourself, look no further: The sound on these cans is fulsome and fantastic, and the noise cancellation tech makes them a travel essential every bit as important as your passport. Score $100 off at Bose right now.

Ember Mug 2

Is there anything more cozy than sipping a warm coffee, tea or hot cocoa on a cold winter morning? (No, there is not. Well, maybe adding a Muppet-y plush robe to the mix.) This ingenious mug will keep your beverage as hot as you like. Cooler yet (or hotter yet), you can use a smartphone app to control it. Maybe the best thing to happen to mornings since bacon, especially now that it’s 25% off.

Rotate Watches Build Your Own Watch Movement Kit

As you, dear reader, surely know, I love magic and making things. This DIY watch kit scratches both itches, and is perfect for anyone who loves a timepiece, or tinkering. It comes in 40 pieces, with an easy-to-navigate assembly guide, teeny tiny tools, and everything else you need to make your own watch movement. Time is wasting, order one now!

UE Boom 3 Speaker

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, my family spends an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen. While my primary role is Chopper and Dish Wench to David’s Executive Chef, I’m also the occasional DJ. We like playing music whilst we cook. So for us, having a great portable Bluetooth speaker is as essential as great knives. UE’s Boom 3 model has 360-degree range, lasts for 15 hours on a single charge, is waterproof (can’t be too careful with that mug of hot coffee nearby) and now over 30% off. Sounds good, no?

Products on black background
1. Leatherman Rev Multitool, 2. The Nesting Set, 3. Loftie Clock
Leatherman, Gossamer, Loftie

Leatherman Rev Multitool

This Leatherman, currently 20% off, is perfect for any DIYster. Because, like yours truly, it loves to dabble, and it’s perfectly equipped to do so, whether the task be woodworking, furniture-building, emergency soup-can-opening…you name it. Oh wait, I just did. It has 14 tools in one, like a package opener, pliers, wire strippers, screwdrivers and more. With this, you’d be a foolbox to use a toolbox.

Gossamer Nesting Set

While this gorgeous number is from the “weed adjacent” lifestyle brand Gossamer, you don’t need to partake in order to enjoy it. The Nesting Set is a three-piece work of art, featuring a sculpture-esque ashtray base, nesting pipe and one-hitter. It comes in a beautiful shade of jade-colored glass that’ll look pretty on a side table or desk, whether you’re using it to smoke, or as a vase/incense holder/catch-all.

Loftie Clock

I love my phone, but it’s a no-no for bedtime. Keep that blue light-spewing, unceasingly vibrating, incredibly addictive device far away from your bed, and opt for this gorgeous bedside clock! It’s got white-noise functions, and a gentle, two-phase alarm that slowly nudges you out of sleep, and it’s on sale, at 25% off. (Way better than those preloaded iPhone ringtone alarms. “Apex” gives me PTSD if I hear it out in the wild.)

Products on black background
Schoolhouse, Huckberry

1. Made in USA Beanie, 2. Lambswool Throw Blanket, 3. Flint and Tinder Fair Isle Socks

Huckberry Made in USA Beanie

While I love my country, the patriotic name for this hat isn’t its primary selling point. Instead, it’s the beanie’s great combination of form (aka style — it looks great) and function. Inspired by the hat American Navy sailors wore in WWII, this chapeau is made completely of soft, non-itchy acrylic, which keeps your head warm and dry. Bring on the snow!

Schoolhouse Lambswool Throw Blanket

Sooooo luxe! Throooow luxe! This nearly 6-foot throw made of super soft lambswool will keep you comfy all season long, no matter how frosty the weather, or how long your Netflix queue. It’s 100% merino, and also 20% off now in Schoolhouse’s sitewide sale!

Flint and Tinder Fair Isle Socks

Because winter isn’t winter without some thick-ass, festively-patterned socks. Toasty toes + recycled, sustainable cotton = perfect fireside fashion, IMHumbleO.

Products on black background
1. Oura Ring, 2. Theragun Mini, 3. Tonal Home Gym
Oura, Therabody, Tonal

Oura Ring

You’ll likely want to work off those post-Thanksgiving calories, and you’ll probably be wondering just how much of your body weight is composed of sweet potato pie. A biometric tracker can help you (with the first one, anyway), and the Oura Ring is the perfect way to do it…and, being a ring, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. Made of titanium, it measures your heart rate, oxygen levels, body temperature and more through your finger and then zaps it to an app that lays its health recommendations out for you. Now up to $100 off, the Oura is waterproof, customizable and noninvasive. (Sorta like a ninja Transformer that lives in the ocean.)

Theragun Mini

Here’s one of my go-tos that’s great for your bod, and now, today, great for your wallet. The Theragun Mini is 20% smaller and 30% lighter than its standard sibling, and it’s 25% off! But don’t be fooled by the Mini’s petite size — it’s packed with the power you need to pound out pain and speed muscle recovery. Glute massages have never been so everything. While I’m hesitant to believe folks who say “size doesn’t matter” (for the record, David’s never said that…to my face), here it truly doesn’t.


Okay, I get it, this is a big-ticket item. BUT! It is my absolute favorite piece of home workout equipment. Without question. And while it’s pricey, can you put a price on your health? (I guess you can, if you’re an actuary, and it’s a lot.) Described by some as the “Peloton of weight training,” this futuristic smart gym for home strength-training that I can’t live without automatically applies up to 200 pounds of resistance, tracks your progress and offers almost 250 exercises with its customizable arms and bench. I recommend it to everyone I know. Not joking. It’s that good, and currently up to $500 off.

Products on black background
1. Sorolla, 2. NYT, 3. Avedon 100, 4. 1001 Nights, 5. The Streets Win
Assouline, The New York Times Store, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble

Wondercade’s own Bookstorian recently recommended a trove of fall titles (and they’ll be back in a few weeks with a winter reading list), so today, we’re focusing on art books. AKA coffee table books. You know, the sorts of gorgeous, often oversized titles that feed the soul and fill a home. And make great gifts for just about everyone on your list. For art lovers, consider Sorolla: A Vision of Spain, which explores the career of Joaquín Sorolla, a turn of the 20th-century Spanish painter whose genius is often overshadowed by his iconic country-mates like Picasso, Miró, Dali, Goya and El Greco. Plus, it’s made by Assouline — an amazing book producer, for certain, but also just the perfect name for a cheeky lubricant. Just sayin’. With discount code HOLIDAY2023, you’ll get a cool 25% off a custom coffee table tome, the New York Times Birthday Book. If you’re a longtime reader, you’ve seen (read) me rave about this before: Just enter your (or your loved one’s) birthday, and you’ll receive a beautiful bound book filled with every front page the Times has ever run on the day you (they) were born. If you (or your gift recipients) prefer photography to newspapers, Avedon 100 is a no-brainer. The book, published in concert with this past summer’s show of the same name at NYC’s Gagosian Gallery, features a wide array of Avedon portraits, curated by a who’s who of artists and boldfaced names: Hilton Als, Spike Lee, Taryn Simon, Kate Moss, my friend Elton John…. (Another pal, Derek Blasberg, wrote a forward.) Another gorgeous discovery — literally — is Kay Nielsen’s 1001 Nights. Back in the 1910s, Nielsen, a Danish illustrator, crafted sumptuous works for an edition of the classic book of Arabian tales that was never published; his works sat under lock and key for more than four decades. The backstory of their crafting and rediscovery is as magical as the original tales. And finally, equally as epic is LL Cool J Presents: The Streets Win, 50 Years of Hip-Hop Greatness, a photographic encyclopedia of the art form and the legends who birthed it, like DJ Kool Herc, to today’s titans, like Jay-Z.

Products on black background
Umamicart, Sugarwish, Ghia

1. Snack Subscription Box, 2. Cocoa and Cookies Holiday Box Special, 3. Ghia Hazelnut Spread

Umamicart Snack Subscription Box

I’m a sucker for subscription boxes. This one packs up to 20 handpicked Japanese snacks, sent straight to your door (with free shipping!) once a month for either 3 months, 6 months or a whole effin year. With treats like ultra-crunchy potato sticks flavored with Hokkaido butter, or the famous green tea Kit Kats (Want. Now.), you simply can’t go wrong.

Sugarwish Cocoa and Cookies Holiday Box Special

This is like pulling a reverse Santa: instead of leaving cocoa and cookies for Saint Nick, you play Santa, and leave treats for your friends. Sugarwish sends the recipient a menu of holiday treats to choose from, and they’re sent to your bud shortly thereafter.

Ghia Hazelnut Spread

David and I love to have hazelnut spread on hand. Well, on knife. You can slather it over crepes, waffles, fruit, toast, your lover’s abs (just kidding on that one, kinda, sorta, not at all actually). It’s also vegan, dairy- and gluten-free, sustainable, comes in smooth or crunchy (courtesy of crushed almonds and puffed quinoa), and right now this one is 20% off. Boom.

Products on black background
1. Figlia Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo, 2. Aged & Infused Traveling Bar Cart, 3. The Glenrothes 18
Boisson, Bespoke Post, Drizly

Figlia Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo

A sippable sans spirits? Superb. David and I love to have alcohol-free options in our drink rotation, and this bright-yet-bitter aperitif is totally teetotaler-friendly. It’s citrusy and floral, and reminiscent of a classic spritz, if you feel like channeling a character from The White Lotus season two. It’ll ‘whet’ anyone’s appetite before a holiday feast — ‘whet’her you’re on the cruise for booze or not.

Aged & Infused Traveling Bar Cart

What’s better than a bar? A mobile bar that you carry around with you. What’s better than a mobile bar? One that’s on sale. Pick this one up at a discount ahead of Black Friday and make happy hour any hour, any place. It comes in a beautiful leather carrying case that’s big enough for a shaker, two 750-ml bottles of liquor, two aluminum jiggers and cups, a swizzle stick and even a deck of cards.

The Glenrothes 18

I love whisky, that delicious amber libation that comes straight from Scotland, and this gorgeous bottle in particular. The best single malt from Speyside (according to me, and the good folks at the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge), The Glenrothes 18 is whisky for people who both appreciate Scotch…and those who aren’t sure. This is a lighter, fruitier affair (like me), as the 18-year-old distillate ages entirely in sherry-seasoned casks. Bottled at 86 proof, you’ll find notes of orange, pear, vanilla, almond, ginger and some gentle spice, pairing perfectly with any hors d’oeuvres or dessert you want to throw at your guests this holiday season, from dried fruit (like me) to chocolate or literally any kind of cheese.

Products on black background
1. Hay Colored Chopsticks, 2. The Beatles Premium Playing Cards, 3. Balls Trimmer, 4. Exotic Truffle Collection, 5. BoxONE by Neil Patrick Harris, 6. Harry Potter Premium Playing Cards
End, theory11, Balls, Vosges Chocolate

Hay Colored Chopsticks

Not only is a set of reusable chopsticks a necessity for any kitchen…but they’re also a cinch to slide into a stocking, bound to delight any lover of delightful Asian dishes. This set comes with 6 pairs in 6 different designs…so there’s no mixing up whose are whose when your squad goes hog-wild chowing down on that extra-large platter of potstickers. (The discount is also extra-large: nearly 50%!)

Theory11 Cards

Loyal Wondercade readers know my affinity for theory11 — the killer creatives who helped me create BoxONE, my board game for solo solvers of puzzles. But my allies in amusement also make absolutely gorgeous playing cards, like their Beatles set (look for a “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” queen and a king card that looks like John) or their Harry Potter cards (each deck is visually themed to match one of Hogwarts’ four houses). Bonus: They’re all printed on paper from sustainable forests with veggie-based inks. Bonus bonus: Enter discount code WONDER23 for 15% off until Sunday at midnight.

Balls Trimmer

Yup. They weren’t subtle in naming this motorized shaver for your (or your favorite fella’s) special parts. And, trust, it’ll meet all of your manscaping needs for your nether regions: ultra-precise blades that delicately trim, waterproofness for shower shaving and even built-in lasers to illuminate the hardest-to-reach places. Trimmed testes are the tastiest, trust. Just don’t drop the ball: The shaver is 25% off right now.

Vosges Chocolate Exotic Truffle Collection

Pro tip: Don’t leave chocolate in stockings above an open fire. You want a merry Christmas, not a melty one. Pro-er tip: Make those chocolates with 16 wide-ranging varieties, with flavors like toasted curry masala, Chinese star anise, Australian macadamia nut (in 23-karat gold leaf), Tuscan olive oil and more…each made with some of the greatest chocolate on earth.

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