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Neil Patrick Harris and Hilary Duff
Neither one of us needed coaching on how to deliver side eye. We're professionals.
Hulu/20th Television

How I Keep Meeting Hilary Duff

Behind the scenes of the newest season of "How I Met Your Father"

Neil Patrick Harris is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wondercade. In his spare time he also acts — fairly well, too, as his Tony and Emmy Awards can attest.

UpdatedApril 4, 2023 6:49 pm

I have quite a bit in common with Hilary Duff. Actors? Check. Authors? Another check. Super singers with perfect pitch? Check and check. A penchant for pickleball? Well, no, I’ve never played pickleball. And haven’t the foggiest idea if Hilary likes it or not. (I just wanted to say “pickleball.” Pickleball.) Another commonality we share is that our alter egos both reside in the same television universe: that of How I Met Your…blankety blank. My Barney’s blankety blank was How I Met Your Mother, and Hilary’s Sophie is in its spinoff, How I Met Your Father. And just like how Harry met Sally — except instead of in 1980s NYC, in modern-day NYC — Barney met Sophie in last night’s episode of the hit Hulu show. It was rad…check out some photos of our time on set, and read Hilary’s (second!) interview in Wondercade.

Neil Patrick Harris: We did an interview last year, when HIMYF debuted. So, umm, what’s new? And you can’t say “I’m one year older” or “I moved all my money from Silicon Valley Bank.” 

Hilary Duff: I am one year older and…I can’t drink as much wine without waking up at 3 a.m. with anxiety, and…I get very annoyed by people playing loud music in public.

NPH: Same. Have they never heard of earbuds?? So on the subject of fathers (since we’re here to talk HIMYF), who’s the biggest Daddy in Hollywood right now? Pedro Pascal gets my vote. 

HD: I’m going with a classic — Harrison Ford.

NPH: Indy-eeed. Boom, nailed it. But, umm, I thought you were gonna say Barney Stinson. Seriously, why did you have me on the show? Was it my blinding talent, obligation to the writers, or blatant leveraging of my Instagram followers?

HD: If we’re being honest, sir, it was the latter.

NPH: Fair, I post lots of thirsty selfies. So what was it like having me on set? Did you marvel at my uncanny ability to not remember my lines?

HD: I was nervous having you on set because it feels like your home, especially with so much of the crew being the same! And also, your good looks are intimidating. 

Neil Patrick Harris and Hilary Duff
Working together was all smiles
Hulu/20th Television

NPH: Same, gurl, same. Yes, that’s right, many of the crew members from HIMYM are now on HIMYF. Did they pick favorites?

HD: If you’re talking about the cast of Mother…I think you’re the favorite. But if you are asking if you are the favorite between me or you…I’m confident, but also insecure. We could take a poll???

NPH: No thanks. I have skeletons. But a follow-up: Why do you think they all like me so much more than you? 

HD: It’s because of your sparkling personality! 

NPH: Correct! That, and the Favorite agreement they signed in season 9. Okay, time for the first-ever Wondercade Lightning Round! Binary questions, you have to pick one. Ready? No hemming and hawing, no answering without answering, like a politician. Are. You. Ready? 

HD: Let’s do it! 

Neil Patrick Harris and Hilary Duff
Hey, look, it’s Hilary Duff! Right there! I’m pointing at her!
Hulu/20th Television

NPH: Who’s the bad guy in Karate Kid, Billy Zabka or Ralph Macchio? 

HD: Billy Zabka.

NPH: Incorrect, obviously. You have seen HIMYM, right? Also, I interview Billy down below, in Act 2, do check it out. Next question: Taylor Swift or Beyoncé? 

HD: Taylor Swift.

NPH: Can’t go wrong with either answer. Okay, here’s another: Great sex or a great nap? 

HD: Great nap followed by great sex.

NPH: As a man, I’d do that in reverse. Fries or mashed potatoes? 

HD: Fries!

NPH: Have you ever tried dipping your fries in mashed potatoes? Something to think about…. Next one: NYC or LA? 


NPH: Incorrect. NYC all the way. Okay: Puppies or kittens? 

HD: Puppies.

NPH: I’d have accepted “both.” Wondercade or Goop? 

HD: Goop. I’m sorry! I love to shop. I’m a weak, weak consumer.

[RECORD SCRATCH. Silence. Awkward adjusting of clothes. Throat clearing.]

NPH: Oh. Wow. Umm. Sure. But, umm, I mean…I JUST GUESTED ON YOUR SHOW, HILARY! I gave you a softball question to help promote a brother’s project! Kinda like this one: Tobey Maguire or Lizzie McGuire? 

HD: Lizzie McGuire!

NPH: Oh, I see you got that one, huh? Uggh. Fine. Here’s another: A baker’s dozen or Cheaper by the Dozen

HD: Cheaper by the Dozen.

NPH: And again! Okay, last one: Cocktail or wine? 

HD: Wine!

NPH: Touché. Well, since you like wine and shopping, allow me to make a pitch for Wondercade, since, err, you clearly won’t: You’ll love this week’s edition of The Emporium. Thanks for playing, Hilary, and see you soon. Cheers.

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