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Boy against wall with knives surrounding his head
Courtesy of David Winter

Extra, Extra: More Photos From David Winter’s Studio!

Enjoy this all-access look at David Winter's space in Brooklyn and his hordes of wonderful treasures

Neil Patrick Harris is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wondercade. In his spare time he also acts — fairly well, too, as his Tony and Emmy Awards can attest.

April 17, 2024 12:23 pm

That’s right — if you’re here, it means our humble newsletter sent you here. And we have even more weird and wonderful art from David’s studio and home gallery…on top of that, he’ll share his nuggets of wisdom with us. Enjoy.

Courtesy of David Winter

Those are posters from the Alsace region between France and Germany, circa 1890. I’m not sure of their purpose, they don’t seem to be advertising anything. Fun street decoration.

Courtesy of David Winter

This is a photogram and an X-ray at the same time of a slice of the body done in the ‘40s. And it’s a cyanotype print. It’s blue because that chemicals they use are blue, and cyan means blue. And there was only one group of these ever made…and they’re all in museums. Some of the museums got them from me…and some didn’t! This was only done at one time by one guy, basically.

Courtesy of David Winter

Courtesy of David Winter

A couple of fun ones…

AI renderings of mushrooms created by David Winter
Olivia Sheehy for Wondercade

AI is pretty much all I’m doing right now. I made these with AI — they’re mushrooms. With AI, I only have about 1% of the control. The rest is all luck and keywords and prompts. Like, I could put “mushrooms” into AI software for the rest of my life and never get these images again.

I think AI is a legitimate, new form of surrealism. Surrealists wanted to pull from their unconscious, and put it on paper without any of their own input. They’d love this; they’d die to be able to do this. Any artist that isn’t interested in this isn’t worth their salt.

Courtesy of David Winter

And finally, not a circus photo, but this goofy group is more likely to be some folks on Halloween.

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