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Now is a great time to simplify your beauty routine
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Here’s How to Get That Summer Shine For Your Skin and Hair

Spoiler alert: It involves lots of SPF!

Amy Komorowski is a men's groomer who's worked with Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Driver, Bradley Cooper and more.

June 2, 2023 3:27 pm

Summer is upon us! That means trips to the beach, days at the pool and more time spent outside, soaking in that heat, humidity and skin-damaging sun. I should know — I’m Amy Komorowski, a professional groomer who’s worked with some of the biggest names in the biz…including Neil! He’s asked me to give you my tips on how to keep your hair and skin super healthy this summer.

Now is a great time to simplify your beauty routine. But “simplifying” does not mean “neglecting.” Quite the opposite! With a few simple steps, you can maintain healthy skin and hair all summer long — even on the muggiest days or in the most blazing sunshine. 

Use a Face Oil

Face oils are not just for winter! While the beach is tons of fun, the sun, wind and heat can leave skin inflamed and dry. Adding a face oil to your favorite moisturizer can help lock in moisture and actually reduce the production of oil and sebum. Another (counterintuitive) benefit: face oils make your skin less oily! What’s more, they strengthen the skin barrier, which helps protect against environmental stressors. Finally, face oils also aid in fading sun spots, and evening out skin tone. Basically…it’s the perfect après-beach skincare product! My business partner Barbara Guillaume and I created CIRCA 1970, a vegan and antioxidant-rich face oil that helps you reap all of those great benefits.

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Step 1: Put this on. Step 2: Look awesome.
CIRCA 1970

Try Leave-In Hair Conditioners and Hair Masks

Chlorine from the pool, salt from the ocean and harsh light from the sun can all damage your hair (especially if you color it). Applying a leave-in conditioner (basically, a conditioner you use on dried hair and don’t wash out) coats the strands of your hair and protects the cuticle, shielding your locks from anything harmful, improving texture and reducing breakage. You can put in the conditioner before you go swimming to proactively protect your hair from that salt or chlorine, or after you’ve showered following a day in the sun. Hair masks are another great tool: a hair mask is a lotion that’s thicker and more concentrated than a shampoo or conditioner, enriched with oils and butters. Apply to towel-dried hair after a shower, leave it in for 5 minutes or so, and hop back into the shower to rinse it out — it’ll leave your tresses shinier, healthier and more hydrated.

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Your hair’s entering its superhero era — give it a mask
Najeau, Harklinikken, Leonor

Take Care of Your Scalp

We’ve covered your face and your hair. Next up: the skin on your scalp. Just because you can’t see it, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need love, especially this time of year! During the summer, with all that heat and humidity, many people experience dandruff and flaking — and sometimes even thinning hair. 

Consider applying hair oils — they’ll restore its pH balance, which means a healthy scalp and optimal hair growth. They’ll also fight off dandruff.

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Give your scalp some halp. (Yeah. I did. Deal with it.)
Najeau, Augustinus Bader, Oribe

Give Care to Your Whole Body

It’s not enough to just focus on your face, hair and scalp, though — the rest of your body needs love, too! Summer weather (and sweat) can cause breakouts on your chest and back: Use a face wash or body wash with salicylic acid as it helps to gently exfoliate the skin, and keep those pores clean.

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In the summer, a complete corporeal care regimen is key
Dermstore, Peter Thomas Roth, Dermalogica

And of Course…Use an SPF!

I’m closing out with an obvious tip — and the most important! Use. A. Daily. Sunscreen. With. SPF. Many dermatologists recommend at least SPF 30. Also, try to avoid direct sun exposure from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (siesta, anyone?), and try wearing a large hat for extra protection! Stay safe and gorgeous.

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SPF = Slather Profusely, Friend!
Supergoop, Vacation®

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