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A Post-Holiday Reboot That Gets Your Skin Looking Great!

Get that glowy skin you've always wanted in just a few simple steps!

Amy Komorowski is a men's groomer who's worked with Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Driver, Bradley Cooper and more.

January 4, 2024 3:29 pm

A longtime friend of Wondercade — and a dear and foxy friend of mine — ace professional groomer Amy Komorowski is back. She’s got tips that’ll help make your skin look great after you’ve just shoveled hooch and sucrose into your piehole for roughly a month (actually more than two months, if you count from Halloween, and I sure as Skittles do). She’s got insight on what to eat and drink (and what to not) — again, inside/out! — plus a few product recommendations, for good measure. -NPH

Hi there, it’s Amy Komorowski, back with you at the start of a new year. The holidays (and 2023!) are over, and while they’re always fun, too much food, sugar and partaking in your favorite seasonal cocktails can wreak havoc on your skin. Here are some tips that’ll help you refresh your skin from the inside out in the new year.


It may seem simple, but drink more water…even in the cold of winter. Want a bright, healthier complexion? Drink more water. Want to flush out toxins? Drink more water. You get it by now, but water keeps skin hydrated and plump and helps maintain elasticity.

Cut the booze!

Lots of folks do Dry January, which is great for many aspects of health…including skin. After all, the negative effects of alcohol on your skin are well-documented: it causes wrinkles and sagging, and can even lead to signs of early aging. Abstaining after indulging during the festive season is a great way to reboot your skin and have it looking great headed into the new year.

Adopt an anti-inflammatory diet!

Cookies and cake are everywhere during the holidays. But such foods — those high in sugar — can cause spikes in blood sugar, which can make your skin look red and puffy and cause breakouts. My tip? Avoid foods with lots of sugar, gluten or dairy. Not fun! But it’ll do wonders for how great your skin looks post-holidays.

Finally, try tools!

While there’s tons you can do from the inside out, when it comes to great skincare in the winter, tools and products are your friends too, and can help supplement your eating and drinking regimen. Here are are some of my favorites:

Polaroids showing various skincare products
Chill Wands, Daily Renewal Cream, ZIIP Halo, Jaxon Lane Relax and Repair Moisturizer, NuFace Mini Starter Kit, CIRCA 1970 Luxury Face Oil, Cryo Freeze Tools
LILFOX, Furtuna Skin, ZIIP, The Skin Spot, Dermstore, CIRCA 1970, Georgia Louise

CRYO WANDS are a great tool to help “snatch” the face — meaning, they help to reduce puffiness and redness and firm the skin. They’re tools you keep in the freezer and use on your skin when you want to de-puff, lift and tighten. They aid in lymphatic drainage, boost blood flow and promote collagen production for a brighter complexion overall.

I also like to incorporate MICROCURRENT DEVICES — tools that deliver small, safe electrical currents to the skin that make you look like you just had a facial — such as the ZIIP and NuFace. These devices help to lift, tone and sculpt the neck, jawline and cheekbones. Perfect for when skin is puffy, dull or tired-looking.

Finally, remember to hydrate and nourish your skin with a FACE OIL, MOISTURIZER or DAY CREAM. I, of course, love CIRCA 1970 Luxury Face Oil (which I co-founded with my friend Barbara Guillaume) mixed with your favorite moisturizer.

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