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Alex Dropo sitting by the pool
There's no shame in wanting to look your best for summer
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The No-Equipment, 30-Minute Workout

Get in shape for summer... all without a gym membership

Based out of Provincetown, Massachusetts via New York City, Alex Dropo is a fitness coach, DJ and music festival producer with an itch for travel and adventure. He simply can’t sit still.

April 4, 2023 1:50 am

Quick quiz question. Circuit workouts are: A) scary, B) horrible, C) to be avoided at all costs or D) all of the above. I think we all know the answer, but fear not — the following Wondercade circuit workout is 117% more approachable (no, I wasn’t a math major), especially with a guide like Alex Dropo by your side. This amazeballs trainer was kind enough to deliver a full-body scorcher — ooh that sounds hot, actually — that’s easily repeatable as the summer months approach. Even better: It doesn’t require any equipment, pairs well with whatever training you’re already doing, and at 30 minutes, tops, fits easily into the workday. Come on, I know you have 30 minutes! Your Instagram feed will still be there when you get back, pinky swear.

A note: To help you grasp all of Alex’s moves, we’ve included links to YouTube demos of every progression in his circuit. It’s highly possible the first time you try it — pausing, rewinding, swearing under your breath — the workout will take over a half hour. But soon you’ll be zipping through it, lickety-split. And don’t be discouraged if it’s too tough for you at first — it isn’t the easiest workout, but you can ease into it by doing a few of the exercises as you steadily build your way up to the full circuit. You got this. 

Here’s to your best you. — N

Alex, post workout. You’ll be this exhausted after his routine, but you’ll feel – and look – great
Instagram: Alex.Dropo

Round A: 

Perform each move for 45 seconds, complete the circuit three times 

  • Shoulder Tap Push-Ups: From a push-up position, alternate tapping each shoulder with the opposite hand. Complete one push-up and repeat. Keep your shoulders over your wrists. 
  • Sprinter Lunges: From a lunge, explode one arm forward as the opposite leg launches back. Work up a good tempo. Pump both arms and legs as if you’re running. 
  • Lateral Plank Walks: From a standard plank, move your body one shoulder’s width to your left. Return “home,” then shuffle right. Continue moving back and forth. 

Round B: 

Perform each move for 30 seconds, complete the circuit three times

  • Squat Side Steps: From a standing position, drop into a squat and step to the right or left. Step with the other foot so you’re back to shoulder width apart. Repeat.  
  • Wide Mountain Climber: From the familiar “mountain climber” form, adjust by driving knees to the outside of the elbows. Gives the hip flexors and core a different look. 
  • Criss-Cross Squat: From a squat, jump into the air and cross your legs as you land. Try to land with soft knees. Squat down and pop right back into another criss-cross.

Round C: 

Perform each move for 40 seconds, then 30, then 20 (go all out on this last round!) 

  • Burpees: From a standing position, jump up, land softly into a squat, push the legs back into a plank position, perform a push-up, launch the feet back up to the hands, repeat.
  • Plank Hop Outs: From a table-top position, with your knees hovering just over the floor, hop your feet back to a full plank. Then jump back to the starting position. Make sure to stick the landings.
  • Flutter Kicks: From your back with your hands under your butt, bring your legs off the ground and alternate raising them into the air. Tuck your chin in and crunch your shoulders.

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