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girl jumping on a trampoline
My daughter Harper is a natural on our new trampolines
Neil Patrick Harris

Jumping with Joy!

A soulful discussion about trampolines

Neil Patrick Harris is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wondercade. In his spare time he also acts — fairly well, too, as his Tony and Emmy Awards can attest.

March 28, 2023 8:44 pm

My family is extremely fortunate in so many ways. One of them is that we are blessed to live in a big house on Long Island, with lots of space to play. In news that will be surprising to absolutely no one, our property — from the house to the yard — is packed with games, mystery and whimsy. In fact, it’s called the Funhouse Farm, and has a sordid carnival history that will be discussed in a future issue.

But our latest addition to the Funhouse has us literally flipping out. Bouncing with excitement. Head over heels. Soaring to new heights. Umm…leaping to new…umm…somethings. Yep, it’s a trampoline! Actually, it’s 2 trampolines, right next to each other. Actually, it’s 2 in-ground trampolines. David and I love them, but the kids are obsessed with them, especially Harper. We’ve only had them a few weeks (the trampolines, not the kids), but already they’ve been a game changer. We put them out back, near the axe throwing and the slacklines, in an area of the Farm I have named The Sporting Woods. You’re welcome.

Bonus: The code WONDERCADE100 is good for $100 off any Avyna Pro-Line trampoline or spring bundle deal.

Could we have gone to Costco and purchased a trampoline? Sure. But those metal monstrosities are often unstable eyesores, require safety netting and wreck the lawns beneath them. I mean, yes, it’s still a trampoline, I’ll love ‘em no matter what, but for only a few hundred dollars more, why not turn the tramp experience into something Two Point Oh? That’s what Wondercade is all about, yo!

After much research on the topic, we reached out to the folks at trampolines.com, who have high-quality inventory and, well, were savvy enough to acquire the URL trampolines dot com. They informed us of the added safety of in-ground tramps — being flush with the ground, falls should be shorter than they would be on an above-ground unit (gravity and whatnot) — helped us decide which model was best, taught us how to dig (I assumed the hole would be ginormous, but surprisingly, no!), and after only a couple days of dirty, sweaty labor (hot), we were literally jumping for joy.

inverted girl jumping on a trampoline
Harper flips out
Neil Patrick Harris

Our twins have had every one of their friends over. All of our adult friends whom we’ve told about the installation have casually stopped by — each of them wearing comfortable clothing, and navigating their way to the yard, where they compliment the trampolines until we end the charade and invite them to bounce to their hearts’ content. The Sporting Woods is now flippin’ amazing.

So as not to be the only one in our Editor-Reader relationship having a blast in their yard, I’ve hooked up an offer you’ll want to jump on: Wondercade readers get $100 off of this circular in-ground unit and this rectangle-shaped in-grounder

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