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Juliette Larrouy pouring drinks
Juliette Larrouy’s magical mixological mettle is literally world-renowned

This Tomato Drink Is a Slice of Heaven

We're sharing the recipe for this tomato tonic, a delicious drink inspired by gazpacho

Juliette Larrouy is the former bartender of Two Schmucks in Barcelona, rated one of the best bars in the world. Her mixology prowess is sought after the globe over.

July 28, 2023 4:35 pm

This cocktail recipe’s journey is certainly an international one. Inspired by Spanish gazpacho, it was created by bartender Juliette Larrouy — who was living in Barcelona and running one of the world’s top-rated bars — for a couple who were opening up a Spanish restaurant all the way across the Atlantic (and half of the U.S.) in Austin, Texas. This cocktail’s next stop? Your house for happy hour. —NPH

My business partner Moe Aljaff and I first met Chef Laila Bazahm and her wife Laura Freedman at our cocktail bar, Two Schmucks, in Barcelona, back when they owned a restaurant there called Hawker 45. When they decided to open a tapas bar in Austin called El Raval, named for Barcelona’s vibrant neighborhood, we were so honored they chose us to consult on the cocktail menu. I really love tomatoes in a cocktail; almost all the menus I create, I like to add a savory cocktail, because gazpacho is a personal favorite and is renowned in Spanish culinary culture. I wanted to create a summery drink that evokes gazpacho’s flavor, but in a lighter way. Enjoy!

Gazpacho with basil leaf on dark background
A cool summer soup, metamorphosed as a potent potable
Courtesy of El Raval

Gazpacho Water Cocktail

Servings: 1


Copy Directions

    1. Combine all gazpacho water ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate overnight.

    2. Remove the onion from the bowl.

    3. Strain into a jar with a cheesecloth. Depending on the juiciness of your veggies, this will yield enough gazpacho water for 10 to 15 cocktails.

    4. Combine the salt solution and other ingredients and mix thoroughly.

    5. Serve in a highball glass with a clear ice spear (aka a Collins spear) and a basil leaf for garnish.

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