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Sbagliato drink on table
“Sbagliato” means “mistake” in Italian. (It means “delicious” to me.)

A Summery, Booze-Free Boisson

Sip this tasty, non-alcoholic take on a classic sbagliato

Jonathan Lind is a NYC-based bartender, founding Bar Director at Crown Shy, and has worked at celebrated establishments like Eleven Madison Park.

July 14, 2023 4:42 pm

After all, it really isn’t good for you to be out in the summer sun consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Dehydration is no joke! To that end, check out this non-alcoholic riff on a sbagliato, another fizzy, refreshing drink.

Spirit-Free Sbagliato

Servings: 1

Copy Ingredients

  • 1 oz. non-alcoholic red bitter aperitivo. This online store is a great destination for such products, but do some exploring to find your go-to source.
  • 2 oz. chinotto: a bitter-orange and caramel soda from Italy, chinotto fills the slot normally occupied by sweet vermouth.
  • Non-alcoholic sparkling wine (the dryer the better)
  • 1 orange slice

Copy Directions

    1. Combine your aperitivo and chinotto in a glass with ice.

    2. Stir to chill, then top with cold sparkling wine, garnish with an orange slice and enjoy!

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