Want to See How the World’s Greatest Gift-Giver Gets it Done?

Of Course You Do.

This time of year can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but with good reason: because we’re pouring energy into our loved ones and our beloved holiday traditions. (For the record, I am the world’s best tree picker who’s not a trained arborist.)

There’s nothing my family looks forward to more than creating our annual holiday gift boxes. Sent to dozens of our closest kin and friends, we stuff ‘em full of goodies we make, build, cook or grow around Funhouse Farm (FYI, that’s what we call our country house. What, your home doesn’t have an awesome alliterative nickname?! You really should get on that.). David often makes jams and jellies from our garden. They’re as delicious as him. The kids make games, and a couple of years ago melted down some wax to make their own crayons! We only set fire to one microwave. I’ve crafted wooden puzzles with my own two hands (and didn’t get so much as a splinter!).

Once our perfect parcels are packed, we lovingly load them into the back of our car and deliver them all. Or at least to those on our Nice List who live within a reasonable driving distance. Hey, I’m an actor and email publisher, not a miracle worker.

Anyway, this year, I thought it would be fun to give you a bit of a behind the scenes look at the process that my family — with a little help from BMW — goes through (some of us more than others) to share a bit of love over the holidays.